N1: "Internet y la Economía"

Turno Noche (19 a 22 horas)

Davide Gualerzi, Universidad de Padua, Italia

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Deben entregarlo mandándolo por mail al profesor: a la cuenta davide(at)dc.uba.ar hasta las 13 hrs del sábado 29 de julio.

Objetivos del Curso:

The course focuses on the relationship between Economics and the Internet, building on the interaction of computational problems arising from the study of networks and the themes and tools of economic analysis. The development of networks, and the Internet in particular, affects some of the basic propositions of economic analysis, but also the economic structure at large, as the experience of the 1990s indicates. On the other hand, there is a growing interest for the tools of economic analysis, most notably game theory, for the study of networks.

This relationship is examined starting from the basics of economic analysis, considering then the development of Internet as a phenomenon at the technological frontier of the ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) sector and going on with the economics of networks, where the theory and the methods of economics face the development of networks.

Many of the problems concerning the relationship of Economics and the Internet can be discussed focusing on E-commerce. The problems that stand in the way of a further development of a virtual market place highlight questions that have a computationaltechnological aspect, and one concerning the organization and indeed the economics of this new activity.

The third theme of the course is the economic impact the Internet, as part of a more general focus on the effects of networks and what is at times called net-economy. This is discussed in relation to the phenomena emerging in the 1990s in the Us economy in conjunction with an expansion that has been called by many exceptional. In particular, the end of 1990s suggest the emergence of an Internet Scenario for economic development (Gualerzi, 2001) that links the technological frontier of ICT development to changes in the productive and consumption activities whose long-term consequences and prospects will be evaluated.


  • Economics: The competitive model and game theory
  • ICT and the development of the Internet
  • The network effect and the economics of networks
  • E-Commerce.
  • The economic consequences of the Internet


  • Gualerzi, D. Consumption and Growth: Recovery and Structural Change in the US Economy, Edward Elgar, 2001.
  • Oz, S. The Economics of Network Industries. Cambridge University Press. 2002.
  • Vulkan, N. The Economics of E-Commerce. Princeton University Press. 2002.

Pre-requisitos: No hay.