VI ALIO/EURO Workshop on Applied Combinatorial Optimization

December 15 - 17, 2008, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Parallel technical sessions

15 December, Monday

Morning 11:30 to 13:00

MMS1: Analisys of algorithms     Session chair: Sofie Coene

    Performance of the Garey-Johnson algorithm for pipelined typed tasks systems
    Abir Benabid and Claire Hanen

    On the line planning problem in tree networks
    Luis Torres, Ramiro Torres, Ralf Borndoerfer and Marc E. Pfetsch

    The prize-collecting traveling salesman: a bi-objective approach
    Sofie Coene, Carlo Filippi, Frits Spieksma and Elisa Stevanato

MMS2: Graph Theory     Session chair: Enrique Tobis

    On the recognition of E(edge)-perfect graphs
    María Patricia Dobson, Valeria Alejandra Leoni and Graciela Nasini

    On the iterated biclique operator
    Marina Groshaus and Leandro Montero

    Additive edge labelings
    Alicia Dickenstein and Enrique Augusto Tobis

MMS3: Heuristics     Session chair: Irene Loiseau

    Performance evaluation of some heuristics based on partial ordering for solving the minimization of tool switches problem
    Horacio Yanasse, Edson Senne and Rita Rodrigues

    Heuristic for a dynamic vehicle routing problem with time windows
    Adrián Eidelman, Alejandro Valdez and Irene Loiseau

    Ant colony optimization for three dimensional bin packing problem applied to cargo industry
    Jaime F. Farias and Carmen V. Ortiz   Cancelled

    Algorithms for the robust shortest path
    Eduardo Alvarez-Miranda, Alfredo Candia-Véjar and Nelson Maculan

Afternoon 16:00 to 18:00

MAS1: Heuristics for Scheduling Problems     Session chair: Lorena Pradenas

    Surgery scheduling and surgeon assignment in a chilean public hospital
    Lorena Pradenas, Francisco Vidal and Victor Parada

    Load scheduling of solid bulk through port terminals using genetic algorithms
    Edson Rovina, Celso Carnieri and Marcos A. Masnik Ferreira

    An efficient genetic algorithm for setup time minimization in PCB assembly
    Abel Garcia-Najera and Carlos Brizuela

    Minimizing earliness and tardiness penalties on a single machine scheduling problem with distinct due windows and sequence-dependent setup times
    Marcone Jamilson Freitas Souza, Luiz Satoru Ochi and Nelson Maculan

MAS2: Lagrangean Methods     Session chair: Ricardo Correa

    Calculating the best dual bound for problems with multiples lagrangian relaxations
    Igor Litvinchev, Miguel Mata and Socorro Rangel

    Studying a modified lagrangian bound for a class of the generalized assignment problems
    Igor Litvinchev, Miguel Mata, Socorro Rangel and Jania Saucedo

    A primal-dual heuristic for the p-median problem
    Andrea Santos

    A lagrangean decomposition for the maximum stable set problem
    Ricardo Correa

MAS3: Networks     Session chair: Carlos Testuri

    Alliances in an interdomain network
    Dominique Barth, Thierry Mautor and Daniel Villa Monteiro

    Specialized linear programming applied to the transmission network expansion planning problem
    Ruben A. Romero, E. Righeto, Mauricio Granada, Jesus M. Lopez and Jose R. S. Mantovani

    Connecting networks of minimal cost
    Dietmar Cieslik

    Solving a capacitated, fixed charge, multicommodity network flow problem with uncertain demand and survivability constraints
    Alfredo Olivera, Franco Robledo and Carlos E. Testuri

MAS4: Branch and Cut algorithms     Session chair: Graciela Nasini

    A polyhedral study of the minimum-adjacency vertex coloring problem
    Diego Delle Donne and Javier Marenco

    A polyhedral study of the capacitated lot-sizing problem with continuous start-up costs
    Mariana Escalante, Javier Marenco and María del Carmen Varaldo

    A Branch-and-cut algorithm for the Capacitated Location-Routing Problem
    Claudio Contardo, Jean-Francois Cordeau and Bernard Gendron

    A polyhedral approach for the graph equitable coloring problem
    Isabel Méndez-Díaz, Graciela Nasini and Daniel Severin

16 December, Tuesday

Morning 10:30 to 12:00

TMS1: Polyhedral Theory     Session chair: Silvia Bianchi

    On the Chvatal-rank of linear relaxations of the stable set polytope
    Eugenia Holm, Luis Miguel Torres and Annegret Wagler

    Some results towards the description of the stable set polytope of claw-free graphs
    Ugo Pietropaoli and Annegret Wagler

    A construction for non-boolean facets of the set covering polyhedron of a class of circulant matrices
    Gabriela R. Argiroffo, Silvia Bianchi and Erica G. Hinrichsen

TMS2: Scheduling Problems     Session chair: Paula Uribe

    A branch-and-bound algorithm to minimize earliness and tardiness in a single machine scheduling problem
    Débora P. Ronconi and Márcio S. Kawamura

    Hybrid flexible job shop scheduling with multi operation machines - A filtered beam search approach
    Claudio Lago and Leônidas Brandão

    Combinatorial model for crew scheduling in train transportation
    Jorge Amaya, Hector Ramirez and Paula Uribe

TMS3: Heuristics     Session chair: Olivier Hudry

    Cracking the course timetabling problem
    Fredy Cuenca

    An ILS approach applied to the optimal stratification problem
    José Brito, Luiz Satoru Ochi, Flávio Montenegro and Nelson Maculan

    Descent with mutations metaheuristic
    Irène Charon and Olivier Hudry

TMS4: Graph Theory     Session chair: Martin Safe

    Edge-colouring graphs with no cycle with a unique chord
    Celina Figueiredo, Raphael Machado and Kristina Vuškovic

    An efficient algorithm for the recognition of planar chordal graphs
    Lilian Markenzon and Paulo Renato C. Pereira

    Partial characterizations of circle graphs
    Flavia Bonomo, Guillermo Durán, Luciano Norberto Grippo and Martín Darío Safe

Afternoon 16:00 to 18:00

TAS1: Routing Problems     Session chair: Juan José Miranda Bront

    A polyhedral study of the time dependent traveling salesman problem
    Hernan Abeledo, Artur Alves Pessoa and Eduardo Uchoa

    Complexity analysis and algorithms for some dial-a-ride relaxations relevant to constraint programming
    Gerardo Berbeglia, Gilles Pesant and Louis-Martin Rousseau

    An asymptotic approach of a local 1-p-shift improvement approximation for the probabilistic traveling salesman problem
    Alejandro Lamas and Pablo Miranda

    A Cut and Branch algorithm for the time-dependent travelling salesman problem
    Juan Jose Miranda Bront and Isabel Méndez-Díaz

TAS2: Heuristics for Network Problems     Session chair: Rosa Maria Videira de Figueiredo

    Dual based heuristics for the connected facility location problem
    Maria Gisela Bardossy and S. Raghavan

    Hub location in express delivery systems
    Ormeu Silva Júnior and Roberto Diéguez Galvão

    k-Unbalanced heuristic: a new approach for routing and dimensioning in WDM OBS rings
    Reinaldo Vallejos, Alejandra Zapata and Tomás Saieg

    A tabu search approach to solve a network design problem with user-optimal flows
    Antonio Mauttone, Martine Labbé and Rosa Maria Videira de Figueiredo

TAS3: Non Linear Programming     Session chair: Ernesto Birgin

    A lagrangean method for the QoS constrained routing problem
    Christophe Duhamel and Antoine Mahul

    Anchovy catches forecasting using wavelet denoising with sigmoidal neural networks in northern Chile
    Rodrigo Pérez Galleguillos, Nibaldo Rodriguez and José Miguel Rubio León

    Partial spectral projected gradient method with active-set strategy for linearly constrained optimization
    Marina Andretta, Ernesto G. Birgin and José Mario Martinez

TAS4: Integer Programming     Session chair: Abilio Lucena

    Solving the 0-1 multidimensional knapsack problem with resolution search
    Sylvain Boussier, Michel Vasquez, Yannick Vimont, Saïd Hanafi and Philippe Michelon

    New generalized assignment problem with identified first-use bins
    Ahmad Shraideh, Hervé Camus and Pascal Yim

    A cooperative scheme for the multiknapsack problem
    Carlos Diego Rodrigues, Philippe Michelon and Manoel Campelo

    Reformulations and solution algorithms for the max-leaf spanning tree problem
    Abilio Lucena, Nelson Maculan and Luidi Simonetti

17 December, Wednesday

Morning 10:30 to 12:00

WMS1: Heuristics     Session chair: Glauber Colnago

    Applying differential cryptanalysis for XTEA using a genetic algorithm
    Pablo Itaim and Maria-Cristina Riff

    Genetic algorithms applied to scheduling and optimization of refinery operations
    Fabrício Oliveira, Mayron Almeida and Silvio Hamacher

    Genetic algorithms methods in the hydro generating units dispatch
    Glauber Colnago and Paulo Correia

WMS2: Heuristics     Session chair: Marcos Arenales

    Comparative study between RAND algorithm and simulated annealing:continuous case
    Salvador Hernández and Miguel Angel Gutiérrez

    Parametric models of local search progression
    Johan Oppen and David Woodruff

    A new heuristic to the constrained compartmentalized knapsack Problem
    Aline A. S. Leão, Maristela O. Santos, Robinson Hoto and Marcos N. Arenales

WMS3: Polyhedral Theory     Session chair: Gabriela Argiroffo

    Quasi near ideal odd st-walk matrices
    Graciela Nasini and Paola Tolomei

    The N-rank of circulant matrices
    Silvia Bianchi and Mariana Escalante

    On the set covering polyhedron of q-roses
    Gabriela Argiroffo and Martín G. Carr

WMS4: Applications     Session chair: Annegret Wagler

    Core and shapley value of an information transferal game
    Patricia Lucia Galdeano, Jorge Armando Oviedo and Luis Guillermo Quintas

    Projects portfolio management
    Bruno Urli

    Modeling the dynamic behavior of deterministic biological systems
    Luis M Torres, Annegret K. Wagler and Robert Weismantel

Afternoon 16:00 to 18:00

WAS1: Heuristics     Session chair: Ignacio Ponzoni

    An efficient local search algorithm for the linear ordering problem
    Celso Satoshi Sakuraba and Mutsunori Yagiura

    Effective heuristics for the set cover by pairs problem
    Luciana Brugiolo Gonçalves, Simone de Lima Martins, Luiz Satoru Ochi and Mauricio Resende

    Solving the tridimensional euclidean Steiner tree problem by an efficient heuristic
    Marcelo Lisboa Rocha, Amit Bhaya, Flávio Montenegro and Nelson Maculan

    Using multi-objective evolutionary computing for biclustering of gene expression data
    Cristian Gallo, Jessica Carballido and Ignacio Ponzoni

WAS2: Decision making under uncertainty     Session chair: Chiang Kao

    A non linear approach to the stochastic knapsack problem with recourse
    Bernard Fortz, Martine Labbé, François Louveaux and Michael Poss

    A deterministic risk management model for interval uncertainty in CO problems
    Eduardo Alvarez Miranda, Alfredo Candia-Véjar and Julio Mardones-Saavedra

    Optimization of the integrated petroleum supply chain considering uncertainties using stochastic, robust and Max-Min models
    Gabriela Ribas, Silvio Hamacher and Alexandre Street

    The quadratic assignment problem with imprecise data: The case of job assignment requiring coordination
    Chiang Kao

WAS3: Network Design     Session chair: Pamela Alvarez

    An improved model for solving a modification of the extended rapid transit network design problem
    Laureano Escudero and Susana Muñoz

    Efficient and fair routing for mesh networks
    Alessandra Giovanardi, Andrea Lodi, Enrico Malaguti and Nicolas Stier-Moses

    Efficient algorithm for the replica placement on the internet
    Ivan Dimov, Reinaldo Vallejos, Marta Barria and Liz Barraza

    Methodology for clustering and fleet size in distribution network design
    Claudia Arribas, Alejandro Lamas, Carola Blazquez and Pamela Alvarez

WAS4: Integer Programming     Session chair: Jacques Desrosiers

    A column generation method for the capacitated centred clustering problem
    Marcos A. Pereira and Edson Senne

    Exploring the existence of fixtures for scheduling sport leagues with odd numbers of teams and grand-prix weekends
    Flavia Bonomo, Guillermo Durán and Javier Marenco

    Groups, Semigroups and Additive Systems in Integer Linear Programming
    Eleazar Madriz

    Path reduced costs for eliminating arcs
    Stefan Irnich, Guy Desaulniers, Jacques Desrosiers and Ahmed Hadjar