Program    [pdf]    
    Monday, March 28 th    
    19:00 Welcome cocktail    
    Tuesday, March 29 th    
    09:00 Opening ceremony (Condor Room)    
    09:15 Plenary Session (Condor Room) – Chair: Javier Marenco
Martin Grötschel: Solving Linear Programs
    10:00 Coffee break    
    10:30 Condor Room: Graph Theory I (GT1) – Chair: Marisa Gutiérrez    
    Algebraic connectivity on a subclass of caterpillars - Oscar Rojo, Israel Rocha and Vilmar Trevisan    
    Clique-perfectness of complements of line graphs - Flavia Bonomo, Guillermo Durán, Martín Darío Safe and Annegret Wagler    
    Comparing trees characteristic to chordal and dually chordal graphs - Pablo De Caria and Marisa Gutierrez    
    10:30 Quintral Room: Lift and Project (L&P) – Chair: Mónica Braga    
    Some advances on Lovasz-Schrijver N+(.) Relaxations on the Fractional Stable Set Polytope - Silvia Bianchi, Mariana Escalante, Graciela Nasini and Levent Tunçel    
    On the facets of the lift-and-project relaxations of graph subdivisions - Néstor E Aguilera, Mariana S Escalante and Pablo G Fekete    
    Disjunctive ranks and anti-ranks of some facet-inducing inequalities of the acyclic coloring polytope - Mónica Braga and Javier Marenco    
    10:30 Amancay Room: Optimization Algorithms (OA) – Chair: José Soto    
    A dynamic programming algorithm for the tree mapping problem - Carlos Ferreira, Alexandre Freire and Guilherme Puglia    
    A simple PTAS for Weighted Matroid Matching on Strongly Base Orderable Matroids - Jose A Soto    
    Approximating Subdense Instances of Covering Problems - Jean Cardinal, Marek Karpinski, Richard Schmied and Claus Viehmann    
    11:45 Break    
    12:00 Plenary Session (Condor Room) – Chair: Flavia Bonomo
Guillermo Durán: Forbidden induced subgraph characterizations of graph classes
    12:45 Lunch break    
    14:30 Plenary Session (Condor Room) – Chair: Flavia Bonomo
Gianpaolo Oriolo: A journey through the algorithms for the stable set problem in claw-free graphs
    15:15 Break    
    15:30 Condor Room: Graph Theory II (GT2) – Chair: Rudini Sampaio    
    A graph-theoretical approach to cancelling critical elements - Rafael Ayala, Desamparados Fernández-Ternero and Jose Antonio Vilches    
    Global Offensive Alliances in Graphs via Degree Sequences - Ararat Harutyunyan    
    A note on random k-dimensional posets - Ricardo Corręa, Carlos Hoppen, Yoshiharu Kohayakawa and Rudini Sampaio    
    15:30 Quintral Room: Polyhedral Combinatorics I (PC1) – Chair: Javier Marenco    
    A lower bound on the Chvatal-rank of Antiwebs - Eugenia Holm, Luis M Torres and Annegret K Wagler    
    Polyhedral results for the Equitable Coloring Problem - Isabel Méndez-Díaz, Graciela Nasini and Daniel Severin    
    Combinatorial properties and further facets of maximum edge subgraph polytopes - Javier Marenco and Daniela Saban    
    15:30 Amancay Room: Problems in Graphs (PG) – Chair: Frederic Havet    
    Efficient Pattern Matching on Graph Patterns of Bounded Treewidth - Takashi Yamada and Takayoshi Shoudai    
    On the Maximum Uniquely Restricted Matching for Bipartite Graphs - Sounaka Mishra    
    Finding an induced subdivision of a digraph - Joergen Bang-Jensen, Frederic Havet and Nicolas Trotignon    
    16:45 Coffee break    
    17:15 Plenary Session (Condor Room) - Chair: Annegret Wagler
Gautier Stauffer: A history of the stable set polytope of claw-free graphs
    18:00 Break    
    18:15 Condor Room: Graph Coloring I (GC1) – Chair: Karla Roberta Lima    
    On Coloring Problems of Snark Families - Diana Sasaki, Simone Dantas and Celina M H de Figueiredo    
    Convex Recoloring of Paths - Karla Roberta Lima and Yoshiko Wakabayashi    
    18:15 Quintral Room: Integer Programming I (IP1) – Chair: Paolo Serafini    
    A New Formulation for Spanning Trees - Sebastián Urrutia and Abílio Lucena    
    An effective compact formulation of the max cut problem on sparse graphs - Giuseppe Lancia and Paolo Serafini    
    18:15 Amancay Room: Counting I (CO1) – Chair: Andrea Jiménez    
    Computing and Counting the Longest Paths on Circular-Arc Graphs in Polynomial Time - George B Mertzios and Ivona Bezakova    
    Counting perfect matchings in the geometric dual - Andrea Jiménez and Marcos Kiwi    
    Wednesday, March 30 th    
    08:00 Excursion    
    14:30 Plenary Session (Condor Room) - Chair: Martín Safe
János Pach: Remarks on a Ramsey theory for trees
    15:15 Break    
    15:30 Condor Room: Graph Theory III (GT3) – Chair: Liliana Alcón    
    Contracting chordal graphs and bipartite graphs to paths and trees - Pinar Heggernes, Pim van 't Hof, Benjamin Lévęque and Christophe Paul    
    Hamiltonian Cycles in Kneser Graphs for n=2k+2 - Letícia Rodrigues Bueno, Celina Miraglia Herrera Figueiredo, Luerbio Faria, Candido Ferreira Xavier Mendonça and Rodrigo de Alencar Hausen    
    Non-separating cliques, asteroidal number and leafage. The minimal 4-asteroidal split graphs. - Liliana Alcón    
    15:30 Quintral Room: Integer Programming II (IP2) – Chair: Alexandre Cunha    
    An Integer Linear Programming Formulation and Branch-and-Cut Algorithm for the Capacitated m-Ring-Star Problem - Hernan Berinsky and Paula Zabala    
    New branch-and-bound algorithms for k-cardinality tree problems - Luidi Simonetti, Fabio Protti, Yuri Frota and Cid de Souza    
    A Branch-and-price algorithm for a Vehicle Routing Problem with Cross-Docking - Fernando Santos, Geraldo Mateus and Alexandre Cunha    
    15:30 Amancay Room: Complexity (COM) – Chair: Graciela Nasini    
    Polynomial instances of the Packing Coloring Problem - Gabriela R Argiroffo, Graciela L Nasini and Pablo Torres    
    On the Complexity of the Decisive Problem in Simple and Weighted Games - Fabián Riquelme and Andreas Polyméris    
    Polynomial reductions between the Limited Packing and Tuple Domination problems in graphs - Maria P Dobson, Valeria Leoni and Graciela Nasini    
    16:45 Coffee break    
    17:15 Plenary Session (Condor Room) - Chair: Guillermo Durán
László Lovász: Optimization in very large graphs
    18:00 Break    
    18:15 Condor Room: Graph Theory IV (GT4) – Chair: Elad Cohen    
    Ear decompositions of join covered graphs - Luciano L Silveira and Marcelo H Carvalho    
    String graphs of k-bend paths on a grid - Anderi Asinowski, Elad Cohen, Martin Golumbic, Vincent Limouzy, Marina Lipshteyn and Michael Stern    
    Exponentially large Superfluous set of Edges of De Bruijn and Kautz graphs - Eduardo Canale Bentancourt    
    18:15 Quintral Room: Polyhedral Combinatorics II (PC2) – Chair: María del Carmen Varaldo    
    A New Facet Generating Procedure for the Stable Set Polytope - Álinson S Xavier and Manoel Campęlo    
    A polyhedral study of the single-item lot-sizing problem with continuous start-up costs - María del Carmen Varaldo, Mariana S Escalante and Javier L Marenco    
    18:15 Amancay Room: Counting II (CO2) – Chair: Guilherme Mota    
    Some applications of the Schutzenberger-Bertoni method - Andres Montoya, Francisco Gutiérrez and Luis Zambrano    
    A note on counting orientations - Yoshiharu Kohayakawa, Guilherme Mota and Roberto Parente    
    Thursday, March 31 st    
    09:00 Condor Room: Special Session – Celebrating 30 years from Grötschel, Lovász, and Schrijver fundamental article – Chair: Gautier Stauffer
    Annegret Wagler: Computing clique and chromatic number for circular-perfect graphs    
    Near-perfect graphs with polyhedral N+(G) - Silvia Bianchi, Mariana Escalante, Nasini Graciela and Levent Tunçel    
    09:00 Quintral Room: Packing and Covering (P&C) – Chair: Edna Hoshino    
    Selfish Square Packing - Cristina G Fernandes, Carlos E Ferreira, Flavio K Miyazawa and Yoshiko Wakabayashi    
    Short coverings and matching in weighted graphs - Anderson Martinhăo and Emerson Monte Carmelo    
    The minimum cut cover problem - Edna Hoshino    
    10:15 Coffee break    
    10:45 Condor Room: Graph Coloring II (GC2) – Chair: Mario Valencia-Pabon    
    Oriented coloring of triangle-free planar graphs and 2-outerplanar graphs - Pascal Ochem and Alexandre Pinlou    
    Restricted coloring problems on graphs with few P4s - Victor Campos, Claudia Linhares-Sales, Karol Maia, Nicolas Martins and Rudini Sampaio    
    On lower bounds for the b-chromatic number of connected bipartite graphs - Mekkia Kouider and Mario Valencia-Pabon    
    10:45 Quintral Room: Column Generation (COL) – Chair: Alexandre Cunha    
    Column Generation for Extended Formulations - Ruslan Sadykov and Francois Vanderbeck    
    On the primal-dual column generation method for combinatorial optimization - Pedro Munari, Pablo González-Brevis and Jacek Gondzio    
    Stronger column generation bounds for the Minimum Cost Hop-and-root Constrained Forest Problem - Dilson Pereira, Alexandre Cunha and Geraldo Mateus    
    10:45 Amancay Room: Graph Games (GG) – Chair: Gordana Manic    
    Envy-free division of discrete cakes - Javier Marenco and Tomás Tetzlaff    
    Flooding Games on Graphs - Aurélie Lagoutte, Mathilde Noual and Eric Thierry    
    Bichromatic Triangle Games - Gordana Manic, Daniel Martin and Milos Stojakovic    
    12:00 Break    
    12:15 Plenary Session (Condor Room) - Chair: Mario Valencia-Pabon
Martín Matamala: Old and new results in discrete tomography
    13:00 Lunch break    
    14:30 Semiplenary Session (Condor Room) – Chair: Diego Delle Donne
Donald Goldfarb: Fast augmented Lagrangian algorithms for solving convex relaxations of combinatorial optimization problems
    14:30 Semiplenary Session (Quintral Room) – Chair: Luciano Grippo
Daniel Goncalves: Planar Graphs as Intersection Graphs
    15:15 Break    
    15:30 Condor Room: Graph Theory V (GT5) – Chair: Maya Stein    
    Strong reducibility of powers of paths and powers of cycles on Impartial Solitaire Clobber - Telma Pará, Simone Dantas and Sylvain Gravier    
    The difference between clique graphs and iterated clique graphs - Pablo De Caria    
    The relative degree and large complete minors in infinite graphs - Maya Stein and José Zamora    
    15:30 Quintral Room: Combinatorial Optimization (CO) – Chair: Lucas Létocart    
    Two Dimensional Knapsack with Unloading Constraints - Jefferson da Silveira, Eduardo Xavier and Flavio K Miyazawa    
    Two Dimensional Strip Packing with Unloading Constraints - Jefferson da Silveira, Eduardo Xavier and Flavio K Miyazawa    
    Reduce graphs for min-cut/max-flow approaches in image segmentation - Lucas Létocart, Nicolas Lermé and François Malgouyres    
    15:30 Amancay Room: Applications (APP) – Chair: Diego Delle Donne    
    Robust Planning for an Open-Pit Mining Problem under Ore-Grade Uncertainty - Guido Lagos, Daniel Espinoza, Eduardo Moreno and Jorge Amaya    
    Solving the segmentation problem for the 2010 Argentine census with integer programming - Diego Delle Donne, Guillermo Durán and Javier Marenco    
    16:45 Coffee break    
    17:15 Plenary Session (Condor Room) - Chair: Javier Marenco
Martin Grötschel: Solving Mixed-Integer Programs
    18:00 Break    
    18:15 Plenary Session (Condor Room) - Chair: Luciano Grippo
Nicolás Stier Moses: Game Theory in Operations Research
    20:30 LAGOS 2011 Dinner    
    Friday, April 1 st    
    09:00 Plenary Session (Condor Room) - Chair: Flavia Bonomo
Dominique de Werra: Variations and extensions of transversals
    09:45 Break    
    10:00 Condor Room: Characterizations of Graphs (CG) – Chair: Serafino Cicerone    
    Forbidden subgraphs and the König property - Mitre Costa Dourado, Guillermo Durán, Luerbio Faria, Luciano Grippo and Martín Safe    
    Probe interval and probe unit interval graphs on superclasses of cographs - Guillermo Alfredo Durán, Luciano Grippo and Martín Safe    
    Characterizations of Graphs with Stretch Number less than 2 - Serafino Cicerone    
    10:00 Quintral Room: Optimization (OPT) – Chair: Fred Hemery    
    A Two Stage Stochastic Semidefinite Relaxation for wireless OFDMA Networks - Pablo Adasme, Abdel Lisser and Ismael Soto    
    Efficient Constraint Propagation for Graph Coloring - Frédéric Boussemart, Fred Hemery, Christophe Lecoutre and Mouny Samy Modeliar    
    New Reoptimization Techniques employed to Steiner Tree Problem - Davide Bilň and Anna Zych    
    10:00 Amancay Room: Combinatorics (CT) – Chair: Pavlos Konstadinidis    
    On an anti-Ramsey property of random graphs - Yoshiharu Kohayakawa, Pavlos Konstadinidis and Guilherme Mota    
    Some Related Functions to Integer GCD and Coprimality - Sidi Mohamed Sedjelmaci    
    Stability in geodesics for memoryless binary long-lived consensus - Cristina Fernandes and Maya Stein    
    11:15 Coffee break    
    11:45 Plenary Session (Condor Room) - Chair: Mario Valencia-Pabon
Abílio Lucena: Connected Dominating Sets: Formulations, Algorithms and Extensions
    12:30 Plenary Session (Condor Room) - Chair: Mario Valencia-Pabon
Katalin Vesztergombi: Optimization in very large graphs (tutorial)
    13:15 Closing cermony (Condor Room)