The Instituto Argentino de Matemática (IAM) is a research center belonging to the Consejo Nacional de Investigaciones Científicas y Técnicas (CONICET). Its goal is to foster and develop pure and applied mathematics in Argentina.

It is IAM´s purpose to:

 Produce research in mathematics.
 Form and perfect researchers in all branches of mathematics.
 Guide and advise official and private entities regarding mathematics-related problems.

The institute was created in 1973, and since then has been directed by: Alberto González Domínguez (1973-1982), Horacio Porta (1982-1983), Alberto Pedro Calderón (1984-1990), Carlos Segovia Fernández (1991-1996) and Gustavo Corach (1996-present).

The IAM maintains scientific ties to similar institutions throughout the world throught cooperation agreements as well as joint work carried out by its researchers.

Since 2002, the IAM takes part  of a Project of Colaboration between the Dipartimento di Matematica "Ulisse Dini" of the Universita di Firenze and the Argentinian mathematical community. There have been two Italo-Argentinian meetings, the first one in Florence, in June 2002 and the second one in Buenos Aires, in December 2002. Several visits of scientists and students have been done as part of this Project.

First Meeting

Second Meeting


Instituto Argentino de Matemática - Saavedra 15 - 3er. piso
(1083) Buenos Aires - Argentina
Tel./Fax 4954-6781 / 6782