The following is a list of hotels that we recommend. All of them are located in the area of Congreso, close to the Parliament houses, which are 15 minutes walk from the Conference place and 5 minutes by subway. All the rooms include private toilet. The prices are in argentinean pesos. At the moment the exchange is:

1US$ (US dollar)  = $ 3.15 (argentinean pesos).

1€      (Euro)         = $ 5.00 (argentinean pesos).



Ibis Buenos Aires ***

Single and double room with American breakfast: $200

Hipólito Yrigoyen 1592.

C1089AAD-Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Tel- (54-11) 5300-5555


Reservations: write an e-mail with details to



Hotel de los Dos Congresos ***

Single room with breakfast: $170

Double room with breakfast: $185

Rivadavia 1777

C1033AAH- Buenos Aires, Argentina

Tel (54-11) 43720466




Hotel Parlamento ***

Single room with breakfast: $160

Double room with breakfast: $185

Rodríguez Peña 61

C1020ADA- Buenos Aires, Argentina

Tel:(54-11) 43713789





Apart Hotel & Spa Congreso ****

Single and double room (includes kitchen): $360

Room for three or four people: $470

B. Mitre 1824

C1039AAB- Buenos Aires, Argentina

Tel (54-11) 4954-8410





Golden Tulip Savoy Hotel ****

Consult prices

Av. Callao 181

C1022AAB- Buenos Aires, Argentina

Tel (54-11)  4370-8005




For students we recommend:


Hotel Caoca

Single room with breakfast: $70

Double room with breakfast: $90

Three people room with breakfast: $110

Bartolomé Mitre 1688/90

C1037ABS- Buenos Aires, Argentina

Tel (54-11)4383-9950



Hostel Portal del Sur

H. Yrigoyen 855 - Buenos Aires

Tel (54-11) 4342-2821 / 4342-8788