Invited speakers and lectures:

1) Xavier Caicedo (Universidad de los Andes, Colombia).

   The model companion of relatively pseudo-complemented MV-algebras

2) José Patricio Díaz Varela (Universidad Nacional del Sur, Argentina).

   Free Lukasiewicz implication algebras

3) Itala D'Ottaviano (Universidad de Campinas, Brasil).

   Is there a translation from intuitionistic logic into classical logic?

4) Eduardo Dubuc (Universidad de Buenos Aires, Argentina).

   A representation theory of MV-algebras by algebraic geometry techniques.

5) Anatolij Dvurecenskij (Slovak Academy of Sciences, Slovakia).

   New Trends in GMV-algebras

6) Nikolaos Galatos (University of Denver, USA).

   On the substructural hierarchy- a preliminary report

7) Lluis Godo (IIIA-CSIC, Spain).

   Two approaches to reasoning about partial truth: logics with truth-constants     and logics preserving degrees of truth

8) Pert Hájek (Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic).

   Complexity issues in axiomatic extensions of Lukasiewicz logic

9) Renato Lewin (Universidad Católica, Chile).

     Interpretations between MV-algebras, lattice-ordered rings and other varieties

10) Vincenzo Marra (University of Milan, Italy).

     Tarski-Lindenbaum algebras that are free over finite distributive lattices

11) George Metcalfe ( Vanderbilt University, USA).

      Interpolation and amalgamation for residuated structures.

12) Franco Montagna (University of Siena, Italy).

       Advances in GBL-algebras.

13) Daniele Mundici (University of Florence, Italy).

      The logic of Polyhedra.

14) Hiroakira Ono (JAIST, Japan).

   Amalgamation, interpolation and Beth definability.

15) Antoni Torrens (University of Barcelona, Spain).

     Semisimplicity and discriminator term in bounded BCK-algebras

16) Constantine Tsinakis (Vanderbilt University, USA).

       Interpolation and amalgamation in order algebra.


The following is a list of Argentinean researchers leading different groups that will participate of the meeting:

1) Manuel Abad (Universidad Nacional del Sur, Bahía Blanca).

2) Sergio Celani (Universidad Nacional del Centro, Tandil).

3) Alejandro Petrovich (Universidad de Buenos Aires).

4) Marta Sagastume (Universidad de La Plata).

5) Diego Vaggione (Universidad de  Córdoba).