Participants and Submited  Talks


Brunella Gerla. De Finetti’s no-Dutch-Book criterion for Godel logic.

Dana Salounová. Classes of filters in generalizations of commutative fuzzy structures.

Enrico Marchioni. Representable Uninorm Based Algebras and Abelian l-Groups.

Francesc Esteva. On real and rational completeness of some predicate fuzzy logics with truth-constants

Hector Freytes. Sheaves over Priestley spaces. A duality for bounded distributive q-lattices.

Hernán J. San Martín. Heyting algebras with successor and their representation theory.

I. Chajda. Every effect algebra can be made into a total algebra.

Jan Kühr. Boolean and central elements and Cantor-Bernstein theorem in bounded pseudo-BCK-algebras.

Jiri Mockor. Fuzzy logic models in a category of fuzzy relations.

Jirí Rachunek. Fuzzy filters and fuzzy prime filters of bounded residuated l-monoids.

José L. Castiglioni. Some functors between integral residuated lattice with zero and involutive residuated lattices.

Lavinia Corina Ciungu. On directly indecomposable FLw algebras.

Leonardo M. Cabrer. Priestley Duality for Many Sorted Algebras and Applications.

Matías Menni. Categorical results motivated by Kalman’s work on Kleene algebras.

Miguel Campercholi. Algebraically expandable classes of implication algebras.

Radomír Halas. Commutative basic algebras-an algebraic semantics for a non-associative Lukasiewicz logic.

Revaz Grigolia. On one generated free BL-algebra.

Petr Cintula. Implications and fuzzy logics.

Stefano Aguzzoli. Finitely additive measures and defuzzification in Gödel propositional logic.

Yuri Alexander Poveda Quiñones. The maximal spectrum of the free MV-algebra with one generator and the co-Zariski topology.